embodied anatomy

a 4-Day Advanced Training
for bodyworker and teachers of movement

August 24 - 27 : Mosswood Hollow, WA
(a gorgeous retreat center, about an hour from Seattle)

Space is limited to 20 students.

Go to the event invite page here
for more information, and to register.

Click the images below to scroll through a small smattering of what we'll cover.
(Some images ours; others credited at page bottom.)

I'm co-teaching this course with Michael Hamm, a brilliant guy who was our guest on episode 7. It's significant work — an immersion in all senses of the word — that we've designed for bodyworkers and movement therapists who are wanting to expand, and very much deepen, their work and understanding of the human body.

We taught a little teaser of this material in a one-day workshop in Seattle.

Some of the feedback we got from that course:

"[I] appreciate the subtlety and brilliance of the work [you taught]."

"I tend to focus on the whimsical/woo approach to the body's functioning & generally am content to call it 'magic,' but have recently wanted to deepen into my knowledge of anatomy. There was a lovely balance of subtle sensing & physical palpation & awareness of physical layers."

"I really deeply loved and enjoyed this [class] ... [having] a wide variety of approaches to understanding the body, and synthesize them in a way that reveals an underlying theme and pattern within various bodies. I loved how [you] incorporated yogic philosophy with Ayurveda, and combined these languages seamlessly with harder to understand more 'scientific' anatomical language that helped deepen my understanding of all these systems and how they overlap."

"You both bring artistry, intellect, presence, play and spirit. The Perception Poets!"

We asked what images have stayed with the participants, weeks later ...

"The dural system ..."

"Bags of organs within bags ..."

"Fluids, my water body, the tides within myself. The breath, the heart, the lymphatic system, the craniosacral rhythm ..."

"My heel as a blooming flower. My body as a wriggling primal creature, still unfolding as it did when I was in my mother's womb ..."

Any questions for myself or Mike? Please do shoot me a line and we'll do our best to answer in a timely fashion :)

We think this is going to be a really wonderful, profound course for those who attend. We'd love to have you join us if it's a good fit.

Image credits:
3, 4 and 10 from Alexander Tsiaras' wonderful, game-changing book The Architecture of Man and Woman.
9 from Frank Netter's impeccable anatomy drawings, available here.