Anatomy for Yogis.

Each class will be one hour of lecture and one of asana practice incorporating the territory of the day. The territory of each class will cover our body's three main tissue types, each with a very different energy and feel.

1. Fascia, muscle and bone
2. Nervous system
3. The guts and endocrine system
4. Embryology, movement and tying it all together

These ^ are our body's three — and only — modes of communication with itself: mechanical, electric and chemical. From how a cell expresses its DNA to if your iliotibial band is tight, it's a dance between these three.

I also want to make clear here this is NOT a traditional anatomy class, i.e. it's not going to be "learning the muscles and bones."

It WILL be an illumination into when you move, some of what's happening, the interactions between these various systems.

So if we were in, say, a standing lunge, it'd place less importance on "and you're now stretching your rectus femoris and psoas" (like those names are important; for this class, they're not) and more emphasis on "and you're now opening up through the front hip" ... feeling / knowing what's happening on a muscular level, the level of the guts, the nerves, of all that helps a muscle open, or close or turn on or turn off.

This course is open to most any student and body type. If you have questions or reservations, please contact me directly, thanks!

Cheers, Liam