Our guest is David Fleming a bright and thoughtful practitioner whose work spans bodywork, lifestyle shifts and movement, and is informed by research into fascia, bioelectricity, the healing potential of the earth, natural light, and more.

This episode has a great big dose of little potential experiments that fall into the category of “Try this! It’s cheap or free, is not complicated, has no downside and may have a huge upside in your life.” One example is spending some time barefoot on the earth each day.

And more, always. Cheers and love from Montana, LB

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AMNA : https://www.amnacademy.com/

AMNA’s IG page : @amnacademy : https://www.instagram.com/amnacademy/ 

James Oschman grounding, earthing (google this; lots of resources)

David’s Mac / Apple app is “Candelight” — or search for a blue-light blocking app in whatever app store

The work of Robert Becker; right now I (LB) am reading The Body Electric and really loving it

William A Tiller : Conscious Acts of Creation

Mae-Wan Ho : Living Rainbow H2O

Rolin McCraty “The Electricity of Touch” : https://www.heartmath.org/assets/uploads/2015/01/electricity-of-touch.pdf