Living bones. (Art credit  here .)

Living bones. (Art credit here.)

This episode is a shorter, in-between-isode where I share some thoughts on an oft-heard term in functional fitness circles everywhere: the "neutral pelvis" and "neutral spine."

The gist is: it can be a good idea! And I think it's used too much as the holy grail, and I lay out my reasons why. They're probably not what you think they are.

Also, I have a question for you, dear listener! I ask it right near the end, at 24:03; would love to have your input.

Also in this episode:

What makes a good movement? (5:40)

Our "Structural Immune System" (9:45)

Neutral in relation to what? (13:54)

Can someone with a scoliosis ever be in "neutral"? (15:10)

How tissue change happens: Wolff's and Davis' Law (16:00)

How to find your own neutral hips (internal/external rotation) in a squat (18:26)

Straight spine and still out of whack (20:03)

If it requires sustained effort, that's not neutral (20:54)


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"What makes a movement better?"


"Your Structural Immune System"

both articles written by Yours Truly.


The primal nature of core function:
In rehabilitation & performance conditioning

The Myth of Core Stability by Professor Eyal Lederman