Lauren in full form.

Lauren in full form.

Since the show's earliest inception, I knew I wanted to interview Lauren for The Body Awake. When the time was right, I asked, so glad she agreed. Lauren was my main teacher for bodywork, helping me understand the many layers and types of fluids, bone rhythms and subtleties of working with a body in my care.

She's a rare gem.

We talk about so much ... transmission of information, concurrence of multiple views emerging simultaneously, how to answer the "what's the best treatment here?" question without being too general and without being flippant ...

And for the last 20 minutes, she reads us poetry and I cry.

So, so enjoyed this talk. I hope you do too. Love, LB

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Crafted Touch, Lauren's bodywork and teaching homepage.

Integrative Pain Management, in which Lauren and her husband, Richard, co-author a chapter.