Artwork by  Bryan Christie

Artwork by Bryan Christie

Join Lisa Elliott and I for a dive into the inner workings of someone who, in my experience, curates beautifully a space often known for its disembodiment and unkindness: a facebook forum.

Hers in the Vagus Study Group, linked below.

This is a great episode for anyone who curates space, whether teacher, facilitator and anyone who works with clients.

Listen above, on iTunes or download here.

Enjoy. Love, LB + TBA


The Vagus Study Group on facebook

"How I've Come to Think of the Vagus" (an expanded definition of the tenth cranial nerve; definitely lay-reader friendly)

Two articles on how to critically read research, for the layperson:

1. How to read research

2. "The 7 Deadly Sins of Statistical Misinterpretation"

And this on a similar theme, but tangential, "Learn Anything in Four Steps with the Feynman Technique"