Art courtesy of the fantastical Travis Bedel.  H  ere's a   link to his online shop . Thanks Travis!

Art courtesy of the fantastical Travis Bedel.
Here's a link to his online shop. Thanks Travis!

Living Your Body's Intelligence

Oh, what that could mean! To get a feel for what it is, let's point to what it's not.

It's not blindly following every bodily desire that arises. (Only one donut orgy per month, alright?)

Nor is it forever perfecting your internal compass without moving in its direction, paralyzed by the potential — and inevitable — messiness of life.

It's something else, something that is both of these end ranges at the same time.

Pay attention, try, move, keep paying attention, refine, laugh and fail and fall and yet strive for a certain regality; this isn't child's play (unless, sometimes, it is) ...

We sure do hope you enjoy. Love, LB (+ BT)

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