The man in action.

Today I chat with Mike Hamm: a bodyworker who's well steeped in current research around bodywork and massage therapy and, most importantly for me, a bright and interesting thinker around what we as practitioners are bringing to the table, so to speak, when we show up to work with people. (You can glean insight from this conversation, though, regardless of what you do for a living.)

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Mike's website and current blog, (aka "the most relevant website for anyone who enjoys anything" as he put in when he sent the link, which is of course hilarious and I couldn't not include here)

Massage Therapy Foundation (Mike suggests to check out the free e-books)

ABK's article on MT Process, based on a qualitative study of the MTF's Best Practices Symposium.

GroupHealth study on different types of Massage Therapy for Low Back Pain.

A video on the same ^