This episode’s guest has been teaching yoga since waaaaaay back in the day when there were only a few yoga studios in LA. That alone would give her lots of credit to be on this show.

And so it's such a bonus that she offers her experience with a refreshing humility and clarity. We go into what teaching yoga in the States in the early 80's was like, the distinction between purification and clarification, even a really sweet — if not super disarming — tip for teachers on how to begin a class ... a home practice you can do to feel the buoyancy of your internal organs ... and heaps more.

I really enjoyed this one; hope you do too! You can find it anywhere podcasty, above or download here.

Show Notes

Patty Townsend and Embodyoga

The YTT manual and other free resources

And here's a schematic to give you an idea of what and where the mesentery is inside you.