I started following Ryan's page on Instagram. I was nearly immediately put on edge by some of his posts. He, at least a lot at that time, was playing a bit of a villain, challenging me and anyone else reading to put ourselves out there in a way I'd been, and to a large extent still am, uncomfortable with.

I was intrigued and, upon diving a bit deeper into what he was offering, have really been enjoying a community movement that’s about being generous with your work, and showing up, and not hiding.

This episode may strike a chord with anyone making a living in the body-related work world, but is ultimately about communication, and so may be for all of us. It’s about how we talk to ourselves and others alike. It's a challenge to find the passion in the work you're already doing.

(There's a line about midway that's been rattling around in my heart ever since, something about "if you're not excited about what you're posting, you're not posting the right stuff" ... which sounds a bit hokey now that I put it out of context, but didn't feel hokey then and, hopefully, doesn't to you when you listen.)

Blessings, LB

ps he swears a lot and I have no beep'r

Links to Ryan's work:

Unusually Focused

His podcast

you can search #randomtalkingvideo on Instagram

And, again, his page on Instagram


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