I see clients one-on-one in a practice that combines bodywork, movement and body-centered inquiry.

People come in for a variety of reasons: often to heal an old injury, or help alleviate chronic physical pain. Sometimes it’s a general sense of feeling stuck — which can be very deep, pervasive and profound — or of not feeling completely present in their body. We begin each session with the question “what brings you in today?” and go from there.

What a session looks like is also quite variable due to the variety of methods I’ve studied, and continue to study, in the field of the body and the host of things we can experience living in one.*

For some people, our work together — even a single session — is part of a radical shift in a direction they’d been really longing for.

To work with me in person, you’ll likely need to be in the Pacific Northwest. I do travel to teach and sometimes see clients on these trips; have a look at the workshops page to see where I’ll be.

To book a session in Bellingham, click here.

To book a session in Seattle, if available, click here.

For anywhere else, please email me.

Sessions are $110 in Bellingham — $150 if I’m traveling — and last around 75 minutes.

To work with me over phone or Skype, contact me please and we can chat to get a sense of if that might be a good fit for you or not.


“The work you did was so gentle, sometimes imperceptible. But the results have been astounding.” — Dan G

“My mom had been in chronic pain for years. She saw you once and has been pain free for months. It’s crazy.” — Frances C 


  • A few of my most notable influences and teachers I’ve spent time with: Lauren Christman, Thomas Myers and KMI / Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (one of my certifications), Martin Keogh and the practice of Contact Improvisation, Adyashanti, Susan Harper and the work of Continuum, hundreds of dance floors, thousands of hours backpacking and climbing in the mountains, thousands of hours moving slowly and feeling into the nature of my own body, Djuna Mascall and Tias Little (I have my yoga teaching certification from Prajna Yoga), Master John Paul Noyes and my hundreds of sparring partners at Big Sky Martial Arts, Mrs Kolar my 6th grade teacher who introduced me to the poetry, Jonathan Fletcher and the work of Ido Portal, the work of Hakomi, Tobin Giblin during five years of body-centered inquiry that absolutely changed my life, my dad the Christian-Buddhist mystic and my mom the garden-tending poet, Seth and Tony at Ox Box CrossFit, every client I’ve ever worked with, the agonizing unspeakable beauty of simply being alive most days, and my colleagues / fellow teachers Michael Hamm, Kendra Potter and Brooke Thomas, to name a few.