Anatomy of the Breath is an online course I created for people interested in bodywork, yoga, movement or any of the many mind-body-spirit rabbit holes one might investigate. See the video below for a 90-sec trailer; The Body Awake listeners get this course for only $20 forever with this link.

Living Your Body's Intelligence
A Weekend Immersion into the Wisdom Within Your Skin
with Liam Bowler and Brooke Thomas

July 28 + 29, 2018 — Seattle, WA

Since interviewing Brooke Thomas (of The Liberated Body and Bliss and Grit) six months ago, she and I have been chatting, brainstorming, laughing and all in all having a beautiful unfolding conversation about what's up with this "embodiment" stuff. And more than that: what are some badass tools that we use, teach (and continue to learn of course) where our experience in the body is a primary gateway into deep-feeling emotional and life's-big-picture kind of work?

We want to spend a weekend co-teaching our crème de la crème material to a small group of interested folks. Stuff you can use in your personal life and practices, and also stuff you can teach others, whether relatives around the dinner table, or of course bodyworkers, therapists, trainers, life coaches ... Anyone who works with the body — the body as a lived experience — as a means of transformation.

We would really love to have you there. If you dig The Body Awake, chances are good you'll really resonate with — and get a ton out of — engaging with this material.

The full story, and how to register before this workshop is full and we close attendance, is here, or just register via the form below.

Thanks and looking forward to having you join us if this is up your alley! You'll be in good company. LB