Workshops arranged here by date, plus one timeless one on the bottom. Any questions about any of these, please contact me, thanks and if any of these catch your eye, hope to work with you soon!

To work with me one-on-one, you'll need to travel to Bellingham, WA (or Seattle or Missoula, MT, both with more limited dates). To do so, please drop me a line on the "Contact" page and let me know who you are and what's bringing you to see me.

(I am all done with public workshops for 2018. Stay tuned for next year!)

Online / Timeless: Anatomy of the Breath. This a course I created for people interested in bodywork, yoga, movement or any of the many mind-body-spirit rabbit holes one might investigate. See the video below for a 90-sec trailer; The Body Awake listeners get this course for only $20 forever with this link.

Want me to come teach a workshop where you are? I do travel to teach, and really enjoy it. I need a good host and a crew of people willing to dive into the material. If that's got your interest, please contact me for details.