(2019 workshop rollout / registration coming soon — probably by mid-March.)

Regular classes in Bellingham, WA:

  • “a body awake” is a movement-based class emphasizing strength, agility, and the ability to dance well with what reality presents you: Tuesdays 5:15 - 6:45p // Presence Studio // $15 drop in

  • “slow + steady yoga” Wednesdays 7 - 8p // Vital // $17 drop in

Online / Timeless: Anatomy of the Breath. This a course I created for people interested in bodywork, yoga, movement or any of the many mind-body-spirit rabbit holes one might investigate. See the video below for a 90-sec trailer; The Body Awake listeners get this course for only $20 forever with this link.

Want me to come teach a workshop where you are? I do travel to teach, and really enjoy it. I need a good host and a crew of people willing to dive into the material. If that's got your interest, please contact me for details.