Advice On Finding a Movement Teacher


I would not trust a teacher

Who is not willing to run 'til exhausted

Through the streets

as if chasing and being chased both,


To make a fool of himself in such a fashion

That his audience may actually find him a fool,

Or a traitor or a blasphemer,

And not, clearly, a deep-thinking poet

Cloaked in the fashionable garment

     of risk.


No, I would not trust anyone for advice

Who has not been lost, and afraid,

In the woods behind her own home.


Who knows a storm — and its passing —

Like either a mad man or

Someone who's bound herself

in some very unlucky predicaments?


(And good luck talking to the former.)




A fool will act without consideration.

An intellectual will make guesses with firm foundations.

A spiritual person will disguise her real desires

     and intentions.


A true sage will stand with you in the fire

And not try to talk you out of it

     one inch,

Nor speculate on the nature of ash

     or even the water

     or what will quench what.



Inspired very much by a recent interview I heard — and really resonated with, loved — with Ido Portal:

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Q: “How Do I Stay Motivated?”

A: Don’t.

“But then I will just sit on the couch and nothing will happen.”

Are you sure?

“Well, pretty damn sure because that’s what I was doing before I started exercising and I was so depressed then, nothing could get me up.”

And what did, finally, get you up?

“I saw something really motivational and something inside me just clicked.”

Had you tried to get a self-improvement program going before, to no avail?

“Of course. Many times.”

Me too. So, for you, what was the final straw with this go around? Why this time and not a day before?

“I don’t know.”

That feels like a very honest answer to me.

“So what do I do … Just sit around not knowing and waiting for motivation to strike?”

No. Making a plan like that is a not-knowing imposter, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Now you’re trying to project onto an empty canvas what ‘not knowing’ is going to look like. It’s empty.

“So what do I do?”

You see that the question itself — ‘how do I stay motivated?’ — is already off in a funny direction. You can keep that motivation around just about as well as you conjured it in the first place. Do you have to remind yourself to stay in love with your beloved old dog? Do you have to get motivated to listen to a song you adore?

“But it seems like if I just went off what I want to do all the time, I’d just sit around and smoke weed and eat cupcakes.”

I’m just wanting to bring your attention to this fact: you also want something else. (Otherwise we wouldn’t be talking.)

“So … what do I do?”

Perhaps a better question is: “What do I most want? What do I really, truly love?”

Let that be your guide.

First Post

Hello Dear Friends, Listeners ~

In my best efforts to share what's relevant and useful, I believe I have outgrown my old blog at Dynamic Alignment Bodywork, and am moving my writings here.

This is post one. More to come.

With love, LB