The Heart of Movement, Teaching and Learning's Never Ending Path with Jill Miller — ep 30

Episode 30, with Jill Miller, is live! Our convo revolves around a few central themes that I thought traversed the landscape of "physical" and "emotional" and "mental" in a way that can be really good medicine.

One of these themes: the inevitability of one's dharmic path. As many of you may know, Jill recently had a hip replacement surgery. Was that avoidable? It's a theoretical question of course, but her layers of answering were so powerful, raw, direct and brought us somewhere I wasn't expecting.

38 min 50 sec for the heart of her answer on this topic, though I'd recommend building up to it.

Jill shares some great insight on addiction to movement, meditation, food ... things that aren't inherently "bad" which can make unraveling an addiction all the more complicated.

Another theme is around her surgery. She's been super open about that process — her take on why she got there and what recovery is like — and I respect her a ton for that lack of hiding that is really common, I think, in the world of healer/teacher: to hide one's personal pains from having made mistakes.

Lots on the multi-layered art of teaching, practicing, listening to the heart of one's own experience.

A thousand little nuggets of gold scatter across this landscape. Hope you enjoy the walk.

Love, LB + TBA