Ruminations on Alignment, Pt 2

Video 2 in a little series about "alignment" as it relates to a body in posture in movement. Specifically, this series is about putting alignment — and thus concepts like "in alignment," "out of alignment" and even "neutral" — in a context that is useful, i.e. what questions it's asking, and thus answering, and what falls outside of alignment's jurisdiction.

The gist of this one: alignment doesn't speak very well to tone. It does address it somewhat, but only very peripherally. It's not the right tool.

What's tone, and who cares? Consider the difference between hovering above a chair and sitting in it, or of having your arm actively extending overhead, like you're reaching for the ceiling, versus just straightening your arm overhead.

Both examples yield very different experiences for the mover, with very little if any change in "alignment."

This is a concept that — I think — not in enough of our dialogue as movement teachers and practitioners.