Traveling Lightly

πŸ’› So, sometimes, I publish poetry on here, too β€” could be anyone's (this one's mine) β€” for this reason: the feeling elicited by a poem might capture something prose cannot. Or, as one of my favorite poets, David Whyte, said, it is "language against which we have no defenses."


For Love I would lay down
What I usually carry
So that I may travel faster
And more freely.

And so I do. 
The heavy shield, once mine, appears
Smaller behind me with every step. 
β€œWhat a remnant,” I think.

I don’t know why I waited so long. 
I was a fool! I’m one now, too.
I was afraid! I was afraid of my own death,
Of becoming something else.

Experiments turn to gestures, to new posture. 
So it is with traveling lightly:
You become something new merely by
Giving it a go β€” small steps β€” again and again.

β€” LB

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