"Healing Wants to Happen" with Kate White — ep 31 — is live

If you've not tuned into this episode yet,* we've been getting lots of good feedback, especially from bodyworkers interested in incorporating more emotional-awareness-type tracking into their sessions.

(For anyone not in that world, this basically just means getting better at reading, and responding to, context and subtext. How someone says "my shoulder hurts" might tell you a lot about how to help them solve the dilemma that's causing their shoulder pain as what you find, i.e. the structural stuff.)

Kate White is a pre- and peri-natal therapist, and an expert in the autonomic nervous system, with lots of experience — both intellectual and that kind of knowing that sits in your guts and is felt — in the world of being born, at first and again.

Listen below, on your fave podcast app like iTunes, or download direct here.

*jeez, sorry this is a late post — this episode has been up for about 10 days. There's no other reason for that than that I forgot to post here when the episode went live; I'll do my best to remember, and do that, from now on.

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