Seeing Inside a Body with Alexander Tsiaras — ep 32 — is live

Fresh off the press.

Alexander Tsiaras is a modern-day Renaissance man who's been called the "Leonardo Da Vinci of the digital age." He's a scientist / artist who's part of creating a new look at human anatomy, and it's pretty revolutionary.

Images like this:


He's authored two books I adore and give away often: The Architecture of Man and Woman — that's the one the image above is from — and From Conception to Birth: A Life Unfolds which is a gorgeous, intimate look into the 9-month journey.

Those books are how I found him, anyway. What unfolded was a conversation about the art and science of imaging the insides of a human being, even an embryo, and then so much about storytelling.

"Those running the healthcare industry of some of the shittiest storytellers out there." — AT

We have so many stats, and numbers and "should" in mainstream healthcare. We need, says Alexander and I am obliged to mostly agree after this talk, better storytelling, so that people are motivated to change.

For example, he's received stories from smokers who said they quit after seeing this image.

A thousand words, and more.

Enjoy! 💛 LB + TBA

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