What Stems From What?

What stems from what? A scenario, food for thought ...

“My back hurts because my hips are out of whack.”

What does out of whack mean to you?

“You know … this hip is higher than the other … you can see that, right?”

For sure. I’m just not convinced that’s at the root of this pain. It might be! But I’m curious, on a scale of 1 - 10, how sure are you that that’s the case?

“I don’t know … Seven? Eight? Pretty sure.”

So I’m going to say a statement, and let's have you see for yourself, just get a feel, for if this might be true. Okay?


The statement you’re trying on for size is: My back hurts not because of what is happening in my hips, but because of my resistance to what is happening — the way things are wanting to go — in my hips.

“Hmmmm … Maybe. Maybe.”

Seeing as the premise you’ve been working with doesn’t seem to be working well ... right? that’s what you told me, that it’s been a lot of years trying to get into alignment with relief when you are but increasing amounts of time that you aren’t, and are trying to get there ... Seeing that that’s the case, can we suspend that belief, and look into some other options in this session?

“Sure, let’s do it.”

Great. If this starts to suck or feel like a waste of time, let me know and we’ll change gears, okay? This is not about believing in anything. It’s about what’s real, in a way that’s obvious once you feel it.

[ and so begins a session … ]

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