Highly recommended

On Being’s latest episode totally rocked me, and I think you might love it too if you’re not already a regular listener to Krista Tippett’s work.

The episode’s guest, the Reverend angel Kyodo williams, is one of the most sane voices I think I’ve ever heard in my life to date. What’s being spoken to here feels to me at once both deeply familiar and completely new.

“There is something dying in our culture, and there is something dying in is individually. And what is dying, I think, is the willingness to be in denial. And that is extraordinary. The willingness to be in denial is dying in a meaningful number of us.”

^ One of a seemingly infinite number of gems, best listened to in context I think.

Hope you enjoy 🙏🏽

iTunes link here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/on-being-with-krista-tippett/id150892556?mt=2&i=1000409292119