Hi TBA listeners, here’s a bit more of a personal share, which may resonate with you in a useful way. Love, LB

What my heart feels called to share and do is changing so much, has changed so much over the past few years, few months even.

Every time I think I'm turning away from the body, it finds me again, quickly and obviously.

Though every time I move towards complexity, in a certain way, I'm aware that I feel off.

Every time I go in the direction of trying to string everything together in One Grand Unified Theory — which admittedly I love to do and has a certain beauty to it, so I'm not dismissing the grandness of it — I am becoming more aware of it often being a kind of disembodied movement for me, that it's often more about trying to prove something, a "look how clever I can be, idiots," than it is about something more visceral, more heart-centered, more pointed and easily grocked and applied. (In which, much to the horror of a certain aspect of what I know to be me, and much to the great liberation of the rest of it, I am not the center of.)

I'm feeling that hunger so much lately. And it's not simple like dopey, or simple like do this 'til you can figure out the more complex stuff. Simple like simple.

Like "here, friend. Here's something to consider, a way to strengthen and be in your body more, and / or help others do them same, so that we can do our good, necessary work of taking care of each other right now."


It's urgent. It feels urgent.

Urgency carries a certain presence, no?

And that said, oh man, like Aaron and team reminded us yesterday at a Holistic Resistance workshop I attended, we're in this for the long game.

And, oddly, these are not at all at odds to me. (I think many of us can see this lack of contradiction, but I'll just speak for myself here.)

They're not at odds because they're both about being with reality — which includes a pulled hamstring, the desire to get a handstand, the desire to love and be loved, the pain born of a system of white oppression that we all carry, of racism and the yearning to mend broken ties, of confusion and loss and feeling like a shmuck when all you want to do is not feel like a shmuck, the love of our planet and its trees and oceans, the joy of laughter — the desire to be with What Is.

I feel it. It's getting simpler.

Love, LB