The Most Important Thing(s)

If I were to start a school — a body-centered awareness training — I would highlight a few things foremost:

- listening. period. listening is listening is listening, whether with your hands (palpation) or eyes (visual assessment) or ears.

- time observing nature.

- anti-fragility / resilience. so much of the alignment-based paradigm, while it can be a real gift, can be a very firm cage of posture, and linear-progression mentality. and here’s the kicker: if you believe it, it is so.

- communication and wholeness in our anatomy. I suppose it was helpful to learn the name, action, origin and insertion of each muscle, but far, FAR more interesting and primarily useful, I think, is an embodied understanding of how a body communicates with itself, and the anatomy of connection (and no, “it’s all connected” doesn’t cut it)

- systems of inter-body communication, how we harm and heal each other, permission, boundaries and consent, and the social aspect of the autonomic nervous system.

- writing and speaking with integrity and clarity.

- stillness.


The body awake immersion this summer will be a small gesture, looking in this direction. It's for anyone interested, not just bodywork folks.

Deets: July 25 - 27 / Bellingham, WA / $345.

We’ve begun to fill up (max 12), which is exciting. PM or email me with interest, cheers and thanks. Love, Liam