Three New Poems

Tres poemas nuevos, escribía en México. (Estoy aquí para vacaciones. It’s been a lovely mid-winter shift.) Hope these find you well, and maybe one of them sparks a little something for you, in you.


 1 — 

Awareness the soil

Attention the sun

Kindness the rain

The truth of our


    the air

Behold! Life grows!



2 —

When you have a deep question,

one that sears your heart

with its why-ness,

what you really want

is relief from the burning.

And yet, every effort

to extinguish it is a

turning away. Why do this,

when you don’t even know:

what is it?



 3 —

I wasted

So much stress in

So many hours of

So much pretending I

Knew the answer and

Knew where it was going and

Knew what was what

For everyone.

¡What a chore!

What a sad misunderstanding

About power and

About people and

About my own soft,




💜  LB